2017 Maker Exhibits

Our Call for Makers will be opening soon – until that time, check out the amazing exhibits from Maker Faire Orlando 2017 below…

Our vision has always been to ​create a product that allows you to have the best time of your life by​ brightening your experiences, day and night, all around the world. ​And our hats do just that.
The Boca Bearings 3D Body Scanner is an all in one solution for 3D scanning. The subject stands on a rotating platform while a Microsoft Kinect (generation 1) sits on a rail which can be moved up or down to capture a whole body as the subject rotates in place.
Help us create the world's largest Sierpinski Triangle Feactal made out of individual triangles. We will show you how you can make your own 2 dimensional and even 3 dimensional fractals.
Have a project in mind but missing the components you need? Come check out our kits!
We are displaying the robots we have built or modified. I will be there to talk to anyone who is interested in our robots.
The FamiLAB machine shop will display metalworking tools and several items made by members in the machine shop demonstrating various processes.
chainmaile creations and accessories. Her husband The Blue Fool will also be joining her with his card game Dead Ends.
Robot Combat Team "Panzer Jagers"
Combat robot team originally from North Central Florida.
A collection of unique, homemade electronic musical instruments and interactions.
ShapeOko3 CNC Milling Machine
An exhibit featuring original paintings of American, cultural, and religious symbols.
Remote controlled 150 gram (fleaweight) and 3lb (beelteweight) combat robots.
If you've never seen Drones race before, this will be the best time to see it! We will demonstrate what drone racing is all about, how it works and what it takes in this amazing new sport.
Creative Cutout is a start up company making a variety of custom products using cutout designs. Products range from invitations for parties, weddings and other occasions, jewelry, ornaments, fine art pieces and more.
Glorified flashlights that have absolutely no affiliation with Lucasfilms or Disney to Display and show off the awesome stuff made at the Familab.
Racing drones still use analog video systems invented right after WWII. The video is pixelated, and the color washed out. Honestly, It's kind of embarrassing. Together, we can do better.
We strongly believe in the benefits of the FIRST programs as they have been able to spark interest in engineering and science in our own community. We would love to demo our robot for those at the Maker Faire, as this would be an amazing opportunity for our students to share their excitement for science, technology, engineering, and math with the Faire's attendees! For our exhibit, we will bring our previous season's robot for demonstrations and viewing as several toys the team has adapted to benefit members of the local community who are in need of assistive technology.
Come try out the many flavors that fuels makers on their late night projects to all hours of the night.
Power wheels racing series entry
I've been playing around with silicone molds and resins and I paint a little too...
Fully playable scaled up versions of some of your favorite arcade games!
Computer slide show of past work and work in progress. Operating "Time Saver" HO layout to demonstrate quality and construction techniques of model railroads built be my company.
A collection of pieces, almost completely surrounding animals and their environments.
Heavyweight Combat Robot from Holiday, FL
A 4-bit microprocessor trainer for you to try your hand at machine language programming. Come see our STEM education modules or visit us at subsystems.us.
iBrick Academy will be offering information on upcoming programs, camps, after school programs and more.
One of FamiLAB's Power Racing Series entries for this year- This is a (hopefully) improved version of last year's Mad Max themed car. Notable features include a welded aluminum frame, brushless motor, and large amounts of luck holding it all together. Come check us out at the power racing track, cheer us on, and be sure to vote for us on the moxie board!
1lb spinning combat robot for competition
Practical fandom inspired gifts for the home
Have you ever heard of a lighting system which will enable you to control temperature of colors? Say, from warmest yellow with true feel of incandescent lights to relaxing soft white to a cold formal white blue tone. Sounds impossible, right? Well, DLIGHT4 has made the impossible possible today. It comes with 17 color temperatures to choose from and can simulate the tones of incandescent bulbs- to make you feel more comfortable in LED lights. And yes, you can choose from as many as 16 million+ light colors and also 9000+ luminosity effects in real time
chainmaile creations and accessories. Her husband The Blue Fool will also be joining her with his card game Dead Ends.
Winner of the 2016 Power Wheels Race at the Orlando Maker Faire returns in all of its fuzzy glory!
Fun Glowy Things!
Family Friendly Pop Culture hand cut paper cut Art and children's books.
Showcase design revisions of an ant weight combat robot
15-year-old digital artist
I make all kinds of different geeky pillows, plushies and jewerly. I love making different kinds of item's. This year we will be having different kinds of Halloween themed Diy kit and new for the first time Diy Slimes. If you like more information please check out my links or come by our table this year.
Currently a work in progress by members of the MakerFX Makerspace, the bullet time camera will be up and running at MFO for guests to make their own unique photo. Inspired by the special effects from the popular movie, The Matrix, the bullet time camera will not give you the powers of Neo but at least a sweet profile gif.
Pens, ink, watercolor, and wood!
Botsy is a portable, easy-to-set-up drawing machine for outlining artwork fast, large and accurate on vertical surfaces. The drawing machine is for artist, makers and woodworkers to save time, experiment and make money doing creative projects. Come see it draw live.
Hand-made glass art by Phive (of GodBody). Made from borosilicate glass.
Origami, Accessories, and Handmade Collectables
Combat Robots
The Mystery Machine's first official race!
Subjects are usually things found in nature. Works include oil on canvas and canvas board, and; watercolor on paper.
Learn how Orange Technical College Fashion Production Students use the latest technology to created custom garments. Students will show off their award winning designs and demonstrate pattern making, basic sewing stitches, fabric selection and more.
Genesis Research & Development, Inc., (GR&D) a Florida Corporation, has developed a carbon-free process to produce hydrogen as a cost-effective fuel from readily available, easy to obtain, and environmentally safe components. This technology will produce pure hydrogen gas as fuel for many applications including the transportation sector and the power generation industry.
I'd like to show folks how simple it is to connect a solar panel to battery and then to some common devices .... desk lamps, phone chargers, water fountains, etcera.
Learn how e-textiles can be created by spinning yarn, weaving fabric, adding sensors and uploading information to the web. Hands-on weaving activity on a rigid heddle loom.
an interactive troupe of puppeteers, that walk around the event interacting with guests. The puppets interact with guests, exhibitor. Great photo ops for guests.
Pink will feature an interactive exhibit showcasing our FIRST Tech Challenge and First Robotics Competition robots.
F-13 is a 15lb overhead thwackbot combat robot using a machete for a weapon
InSource solutions helps manufacturers be more productive and profitable. Our goal is to revitalize manufacturing in America. At Maker Faire Orlando, our exhibit will demonstrate how robotics and computer graphics are used in manufacturing. Attendees will have an opportunity to interact with the robot. In addition, we will display several products manufactured in Florida.
Come and try out a multi-faceted virtual reality boxing game...it's going to be a KNOCKOUT experience!
Mohawk from TV's BattleBots
Established in 2012, Maker|Bright supports the global maker community with Raspberry Pi and related development boards and accessories.
Showcase of Rapid Prototyping projects by Valencia College students.
Members of the Central Florida Steampunk Association will be displaying various examples of prop making and costuming, which includes leather working, simple electronics, steam power, sewing, jewelry making, and much more.
Let's bring the multimeter up to par with today's electronics... focusing more on accurate low currents and voltage measurements, and with a much more accessible form factor on the wrist and finger.
SMART Lab 3.0 is a Pop-Up science museum for families to explore science concepts through hands-on activities.Each activity is designed and build to be interactive, engaging and fun.
Students from machining will have an injection molding machine that will make take away items. Students from machining will have molds that were machined for the machine to demonstrate the production process. Students will show various projects.
Hand Screen Printed Clothing for Sale. Original Art work and Screen Printing all done by HouseBroken Clothing.
Fix the Factory is an interactive programming experience where children program Everstorm with LEGO blocks.
Get Pixelated with Silly Rabbit Crafts and explore some awesome Perler items, and even make your OWN!
Powerwheels Racer from years past - Revived for another year.
Showcase some of the fun and exciting projects that members of the Gainesville Hackerspace have created.
Factur Members will demonstrate Assistive Technology devices and discuss their impact within the maker community.
Crafty Dork is an Orlando based artist that creates cute and whimsical creatures made out of synthetic fibers, clay and resin.
Display of 3D printed models and items
The Lockpick Village is a physical security demonstration and participation area. Visitors can learn about the vulnerabilities of various locking devices, techniques used to exploit these vulnerabilities, and practice on locks of various levels of difficultly to try it themselves.
Lunar Knights is a robotics mining organization at the University of Central Florida. Our goal is to compete at NASA's Robotics Mining Competition and to educate people about the importance of mining in space. Our team consists of students of all engineering disciplines who have a passion for space exploration!
It's back from the future, Doc Brown's time machine is stopping by Maker Faire Orlando for guests to check out
Create a maze. Others will do the same. Now be mindful, it's a race. Only in this race, the goal is to take the longest amount of time possible. Given the materials, set up your obstacles on pegboard to make your ball move through the maze. The ball can't stop. Whoever is slowest wins. Simple. That's why we call it "How Slow Can You Go?". To be successful you will need to implement experimental and design methods that lead you to be the slowest racer you can be. Ready, set, slow!
GenkiGoth Studios is comprised of Miriam and Dee Jay, two Florida based artists whose combined backgrounds in classical, urban, and multi-media art embrace their love of nerd culture through their loosely narrative, but mostly spontaneous paintings.
i will be demonstrating simple wood working techniques on a recreation project from a video game called blood borne. making a simple transforming weapon, that has two forms.
A show and tell of the work Roundtable and its crew have done on major theme parks, movies, as well as the plethora of bizarre personal projects, ranging from sculptures to giant cosplay.
Learn about Pepakura Papercraft models. Create your own papercraft on printed cardstock.
Convert a City Bus into a Maker Support Vehicle.
In this workshop we will explain and demonstrate the hydrographic process and show you how you can do it yourself. With water transfer printing you can apply complex patterns like carbon fiber to almost any surface with simple or complex geometry.
The Marbelous Bells is a machine that can play music with wooden marbles dropped onto a bell set.
Stop by to blast off with the help of Southwest Middle School students. Design and build your own straw rocket. Then use our rocket launcher to hit the target with your newly designed rocket. Your successful launch will earn you a small prize. Also check out some of the projects that students designed and built in their STEM Project Lead the Way classes this year.
I will exhibit my Makerbot 3D printer and Desktop scanner, show off my models. I have the mini-jet ski water jet, printed people, John Hancock building w/ simple circuit for flashing led lights, models that I am using for lost pla casting, a prototype injection mold 3D printed, plus others.
I love the YouTube channel SimplyNailogical and decided to make my power wheels holographic in honor of her. I'll be taking a black beetle and turning it into what might be the shiniest power wheels car ever!
Lets a go! Throw bananas and shells at your opponents as you dodge their items while your in the seat of a MARIO KART in VR. You'll bump and blast your way to victory in this fun filled virtual reality experience.
chainmaile creations and accessories. Her husband The Blue Fool will also be joining her with his card game The Abandons which just funded on kickerstarter!
Arcades are fun, but can be expensive. Why not make your own out of cardboard?
Antweight battle bot
The mission of this program is to prepare students for employment in the electronics field along with providing continuing education for those previously or currently employed in this occupations.
Quality Education Begins At Home. Instill Character Traits For Success with TEBie! Sweeten up story time for your little ones with TEBie and his adventures! This curious, jade-eyed boy will accompany parents and children on a grand tour through history that will instill character traits of success in your child. Based on famous historical figures, this cuddly plush doll is available with a combination of over 35 pieces of delightfully detailed costumes and colorful accessories; 6 different exciting bilingual story scrolls in both English and Chinese; a 32-page character-building activity book in English, Chinese and Mandarin Pinyin; and online access to 12 e-books and 18 audio stories in Cantonese, English and Mandarin spoken by native speakers. Children can role play while picking up essential life lessons. Ideal for treating your child or gifting to a friend, TEBie, this premium educational toy is sure to delight!
Last Summer, Allen Hasbun participated in a Design Thinking: Architecture Camp at Moonlighter Makerspace. Their client, The Miami Book Fair, wanted a solution that would help promote literature in many communities. Out of the half dozen proposals, Allen's was selected to be built full scale. He then spent the next month refining his design and building it at Moonlighter Makerspace. Using layers of CNC-cut plywood and finished in a marine varnish, the design provides 5 different kinds of seating and 3 areas to store books. It will be travelling throughout South Florida, bringing free books to lots of people.
The power, majesty, and ferocity of lightning now captured in wooden objects like drumsticks, coasters, and bracelets. These objects are created by soaking wood in a special electrolyte solution and then passing over 2000 volts through them, permanently burning in an exquisitely beautiful and intricate lightning-like fractal. No two objects will ever be the same, and they are guaranteed one of a kind. This booth will include both these items for sale, as well as demonstrations of my hand-made Lichtenberg machine in all its glory as I electrify more items.
Participant in the Power Racing Series.
Pami Pocket Cell Phone Purse- No Pockets? No Purse? No Problem! The most comfortable, convenient way to keep your cell phone "on you" when you don't have pockets in what your wearing. It's lightweight, soft and stretchy, water-resistant neoprene protects your phone anytime, anywhere and the "Bling" design options are endless!! Pami Pocket is THE PERFECT GIFT!
220 pound combat robot for Battles at Maker Faire!
Swing by our booth to join in fun hands-on workshops in finger knitting and take home a DIY Pom-Pom Maker kit. Learn about all the classes and experiences available in the Orange County Library Sytstem.
Collection of Laser cut mechanisms and objects mounted to a board and driven with motors. There will be other mechanisms as well, such as a radial engine and mechanical Iris, all of which can be inspected and played with by maker faire attendees.
Digital Media students will show off their projects and show students how to make promotional products, videos, photos and more.
Orlando Maker Faire take 2.
Renaissance Robotics is a mostly homeschooled, community based FIRST Tech Challenge team that has been competing in the Central Florida area since 2012 . FIRST Tech Challenge is a STEM education program for grades 7-12, using robots playing in a sports type model. FIRST has STEM education opportunities for grades K-12th. Are you a Jouster? or a Jester? Come see us and test your skill with Renaissance Robotics' new Joust-Bots! Can you beat the Gauntlet? The field of robotics is a modern day renaissance where many arts come together to birth new technologies. Design, engineering, math, strategy and gracious professionalism form the heart of Renaissance Robotics.
Handmade bags, lanyards and wallets with geek/comic themes
The “3d Mechanical Hand – Maker Movement” that was inspired by two strangers (a prop maker from the USA and a carpenter from South Africa) that came together from 10,000 miles apart – to create a prosthetic hand device for a small child in South Africa …and then gave the plans away – for free…so that those in need of the device could make them for themselves or have someone make it for them. What originally started out as a couple of guys who created something to help one child in need…has grown into a world wide movement of tinkerers, engineers, 3D print enthusiasts, occupational therapists, university professors, designers, parents, families, artists, students, teachers and people who just want to make a difference.
Drop by our table for a display of unique custom Funko Pop toys and a plethora of handmade geeky jewelry!
Ra Kura is the Florida Base of the Rebel Legion – a worldwide Star Wars costuming organization comprised of and operated by Star Wars fans. Formed in 2000, the Rebel Legion is a global volunteer organization of enthusiasts who enjoy, express, and share their interest of quality Star Wars costuming with the fan community.
Running and in progress builds of robots from Star Wars
Welcome to SolarColorDust.com, your one stop shop for amazing Color-Changing pigments, Glow in the Dark powder, Color-Shifting Chameleons, and other unique materials.
I make all kinds of different geeky pillows, plushies and jewerly. I love making different kinds of item's. This year we will be having different kinds of Halloween themed Diy kit and new for the first time Diy Slimes. If you like more information please check out my links or come by our table this year.
A fun, hands-on electronic playground featuring a Life Sized BMO that you can play arcade games on, various retropie video gaming systems using raspberry pi's, An auto-tweeting photobooth, gifcams, and 2XAlexa talking bot.
wood cutting to make wine racks, condiment caddy, tablet stand, etc.
Come see the longest-competing 250lb heavyweight BattleBot, Nightmare (as seen on TV!), and cheer on Team Nightmare's other robots in the combat robot tournament!
fighting robots
Drive a hacked Teddy Ruxpin with a game controller.
Wire wrapping stones
Participating in the Battle at Maker Faire Orlando. Submitting five robots in three categories: Fairyweight, Antweight and Beetleweight
Pop-Satirist and Maker, SKIP of Franchise Industries & "SKIP's Big Ideas" Tv Show, introduces his latest interactive art installation entitled, "We've Got A Pill For That." His 2017 Maker exhibit installation focuses around the subject of happiness as a commodity that can be bought, sold and prescribed, and the seemingly endless process of obtaining / maintaining it. This interactive piece allows the audience to become an active participant in both the art itself, as well as apart of the episode of "SKIP's Big Ideas," which will be filming live on location.
Original, Abstract Resin Art
Combat robotics
Multi-colored laser projector attached to an analog synthesizer to create laser abstract patterns.
The Winchcam Aerial Camera System (Winchcam) from Fern Creek Electronics Inc (FCE) is a smaller and easier-to-transport version of the cable-supported camera system which is often used over the field at football games. There is likely to be a market for a system which can easily be transported and installed at smaller venues - perhaps at a music festival. The FCE Winchcam is designed to be used across an area 100 feet square with the support cables attached to 30-foot tall towers or other supports. It is designed to support a cameras/gimbal payload weight of twenty pounds. A current prototype version works in an area 45 X 45 X 15 feet with a payload weight of 16 pounds.
Take it a-part! The Orlando Science Center will allow guests of Maker Faire Orlando to take a-part all their old electronics, and see what makes the world work! We are excited to allow guests to use tools and creativity to mine the wonders that hide inside everyday electronics. Hopefully we have a moment to inspire the future electrical engineer, or computer scientist. Waiver Required.
We make upcycled items.
Let's duel! Learn the art of tea dueling during this interactive competition of skill and unwavering nerve.
DeltaMaker reimagined the 3D Printer. The DeltaMaker printers feature a 360 degree viewing area, durable metal frame and integrated onboard slicing. The perfect printer for home, business and school, the DeltaMaker 3D Printer allows individuals to transform ideas into physical objects faster and reliably.
This exhibit will show a few drones and servo testers demonstrating how to control brush less motors and servos. we also have a drone simulation program for people to play with on a laptop and usb drone remote.
I will exhibit some of my projects that implement MIDI (Musical Instruments Digital Interface) using Arduino. Also a work in progress with the Raspberry Pi.
Geeky themed handcrafted home fragrance, all natural bath, beauty and spa products.
At my booth, I will show my art, share my experiences, and possibly have a fun activity for the kids to do. I want to inspire creativity and show people that with practice, anything is possible.
We are team 4227 and 4717 from Hagerty High School. We are two FIRST Tech Challenge teams from Oviedo Florida. Last year, our robot took us all the way to the world championships where we placed second. We hope to share our robot and the FIRST motto to the next generation of young innovators.
An educational exhibit showcasing the research and activities of two of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University's premier student organizations.
Hand made canvas mounted prints featuring the art of Golden Druid.
A self-propelled, walk behind machine that picks up, sifts, and collects horse manure from a stall.
Blacksmith Ironwork, Olde-Time Gifts, Pioneer Goods, and Folk Art! Oaken Moose Trading will be firing up the portable forge this year, and will be offering our finest handcrafts for the pioneer, viking, or manly man in your home!
I will be painting live throughout the day
The exhibit will display a prototype CNC rod bending machine, a delta style 3D printer and examples of rapid prototyping. A wind thing that is made from 3D printed parts. A model engine to house a usb drive. We have incorporated the wind thing into a hat which is worn by John Hildebrand.
Choose wood blanks, pen kits and turn pens on a lathe.
Combat heavy weight robot
An exhibit showcasing the things we make and do at the Pine Ridge Advanced Manufacturing Academy
Education is not a "one-size-fits-all" business that can be automated and generalized to the entire population. We need as many options as we have learning styles and passions, and R School is committed to building a network of micro-schools, embedded in communities, that best meet the unique needs of the children in that community.
Shawn and Mom's Designs, LLC makes handmade button products. We feature button gift tags, pinback buttons, button mirrors, button magnets, button ornaments and button easels.
Sit back, but don't relax! Cyber Gunner is a VR motion simulator game that drops players into a retro style arcade turret shooter to blast spooky pixel enemies into bytes and challenge each other for the high score!
PiPlay - Gaming hardware for the Raspberry Pi. Play with the PiPlay Portable, PiPlay Deskcade, and the Nintendo Switch Arcade.
Competitor at Battles at Maker Faire Orlando 2017
I hand make all natural skincare products which include Salt, Coffee, Sugar Scrubs, Bath Salt and Bombs, Chap Stick, and Body Butter!
A beverage dispenser which combines maximum cooling efficiency with easy access to beverages within.
We are new to combat robots. We like the build and the destroy!
Hand and digital craft combine to create unique, exotic wood longboards ornamented by the art of Daniel Rodriguez.
Introducing the DecaTxt one-handed Bluetooth mobile keyboard, designed for touch-typing with either hand on Bluetooth devices. Currently a finalist in the prestigious R&D 2017 100, and featured on "Elevator Pitch" by Entrepreneur Magazine. Remotely type, without looking, using ten keys positioned at the fingertips of one hand, so that you can text safely and keep your eyes on more important things! DecaTxt produces every keystroke of a standard keyboard so you can write code from the couch or while lying in bed. Connect with your favorite devices using Bluetooth 4.x and control it. Run your PowerPoint, search the web, start & stop a movie, change the volume and do it all without poking at a touch screen. It’s the easiest way to touch type and we what you to visit us and try it for yourself! Most can do the Alphabet within 60 seconds of seeing it! We'll show you how we got it this far and what we are making next!
Once you have your great idea, how do you convert that into a product? Inventors' Council of Central Florida offers free guidance to help you navigate the product development world. Participate in market surveys which will define future products and WIN PRIZES. Come to one of our meetings on the first Saturday of each month.
Demon Spawn is a 3lb vertical spinner combat robot.
Want some complementary jerky samples? We've got some! Come on over to our booth and hear about some exciting developments coming for Uncle Bo's Jerky! Along with that, we'll be showcasing our arduino powered commercial dehydrator.
Meet Factur member Thomas Musolino and learn about the art of glass blowing.
DazzleGlaze Lacquer has a new name and a new look! Crystal Knockout is still home to our popular nail polish line, but offers an expanded selection of handmade items, including jewelry, hair/body glitter, and even art all with the same themes: self-empowerment and a deep appreciation for the beauty of mother nature. While you will be able to check out a small selection of all our items, our centerpiece will be, as always, our reduced-chemical, vegan nail polish (including the ever-popular color-changing thermals!).
Sorcery Science is a Pittsburgh, PA based couple that makes scientific jewelry based on the molecular structure of some of your favorite compounds. We also make constellation jewelry, anatomical organ jewelry, and fragrance jewelry. We mix science and art to make truly unique pieces. We design and make everything at a local maker space and in our home studio.
Affordable handmade jewelry that starts conversations!
16-year-old digital artist
Ghost Tri-Copter
Icepix is a smart phone game app designed to enhance large parties with competitive activities in the form of creative photo contests and icebreaker games.
Custom and one-off handmade knives for any purpose.
Do you have a hobby that you love and want to share with others online but don't know how to get started? Here's your chance to observe YouTube channel personalities doing just that! Watch as we show what it takes and how easy it is to get started.
I love the YouTube channel SimplyNailogical and decided to make my power wheels holographic in honor of her. I built the car last year and put together a partial photo log of the process. Be sure to check it out!
Learn the process of creating armor and replica props from local supplies.
Professional Chocolatier, Kathryn Neel and her team will teach the art of creating molded chocolates using a variety of fun molds, while discussing the science of chocolate making.
Team Miles is a leading competitor in the NASA CubeQuest Challenge. The challenge offers $5.5 million in prizes for teams and will provide launch services on the 2018 NASA SLS-EM1 mission for the top three teams. They are building a 6U CubeSat intended to orbit the moon and travel to deep space to the vicinity of Mars.
Handmade steampunk jewelry, clothing and accessories.
FTC Robotics teams #7017 and #11619 will display their work in progress for this year's FTC competition, including both programming and hardware. Students will also display their original Android apps programmed with MIT's App Inventor software. They will display their apps, as well as their coding. Both groups will be able to discuss their process, goals, knowledge base, and questions.
Technology based artwork exhibited with a make your own LED Apparel station: our booth offers visitors the opportunity to create their own light up apparel and trinkets and LEDs. For a fee, Visitors may create light up hats, pins, barrettes, masks, etc.
Interactive Fire Art
MakerFX Makerspace is a program of The Maker Effect Foundation located in south Orlando.
Planetary Strike is a board game of strategy set in space that takes your mind beyond chess with a round board and opportunities for 2 to 6 players.
Our exhibit consists of a 10ft X 10ft portable 3D scanner and sample displays. We offer onsite 3D scans of practically any subject that can hold a stationary pose for the 1 second scanning time. The product is a software generated 3D file that can later be printed in to a life-like full color 3D miniature of the subject. No figurines are produced on site.
Using reclaimed motor vehicle parts, we'll design and build a fire breathing daisy.
People of all ages can have fun learning how to make melt-and-pour soap, while creating their very own to take home. We'll provide a variety of scents and colors, and even 3D printed letters and shapes that you can put into your soap.
Living a creative, entrepreneurial life by example, the Creative Girls showcase their sewing skills with quality handcrafted products for sale which provide for their educational and athletic endeavors. Sewing classes available for children and adults across Central Florida.
Make a 1" or 2.25" button at Maker Faire Orlando using our art, or bring your own!
An exhibit using mock drain pipes and connectors to show how 2flo screens will cover drain plate to prevent clogs.
e-NABLE is a global group of makers creating assistive devices for people in need.
Recursion is the first management platform built specifically for Makerspaces. We understand the unique operating challenges makerspaces face. Our management platform covers the essential requirements of makerspaces, from membership payment processing to managing equipment access.
We'll be demonstrating a number of woodworking techniques and various tools of the trade! Stop by to meet our staff and check out traditional and contemporary woodworking tools and techniques.
Human Powered Snow Cones
See an assortment of robots made from all kinds of materials. Some serious, some whimsical, all hand-crafted! You'll see LEGO robots, 3D printed robots, robot animals, and much, much more.
Candle Capsule is a unique patented tealight candle holder that secretly hides 16oz of space. This product is capable of not only storing small items like money, gift cards, jewelry and more. This product can also be used as a nightlight or a vase. How you ask? It's all on how you choose to use or what is place inside this multipurpose hand crafted product line. Many designs to choose from. Great for personal or gifting uses.
FamiLAB’s mission is to be a community that fosters learning and creativity through hands-on projects, collaboration, and the sharing of skills & tools to improve ourselves and enrich the world around us. A few of our members have been working on some amazing projects including building our new space. Check out our booth to see what we've been making!
Bomb Bash is an explosive party-game for 2 or more players that uses a MIDI piano as the game's controller.
Converting a Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Baby Tricycle! It will soon be an amazing ride on cupcake!
Justin Peterson is an Orlando based Artist and Writer. He illustrates for MAD Magazine, writes and draws (the kid friendly!) VERY NEAR MINT and THE HOT DOGGER, and has painted over 95 murals for TIJUANA FLATS.
Learn simple wire wrapping techniques using up cycled kiln fired wine bottle rings to make a pendant. Or Christmas Ornament. Come see our bottle wind chimes with fused glass clangers, fused glass candle holders and screens, framed mosaic glass pictures, dichroic pendants and other items we make. Be sure to check out our upcoming classes if you're interested in trying glass for yourself.
Take a look inside the guts of elaborate and large cosplay costumes!
We're a local Orlando-based group of makers who meet regularly to discuss, share ideas and work on robotics, electronics, Arduinos, 3D-printing, FPV drones, and other techie activities.
Combat Robot
Wine making is a great hobby. The problem is that monitoring the wine during fermentation involves precise measurements and calculations to determine the status of each batch. Additionally, the batch is very susceptible to microbial contamination when introducing the measuring devices which may have not been properly sanitized, or from an airborne source just from opening the container.
The DuinoKit was designed to be a fun and interesting hands-on kit to introduce people to Arduino electronics.
This is a 30" by 48" kinetic art piece. Scores of 1" glass marbles are in constant motion demonstrating many principles of physics. It will hold the attention of young and old alike.
Valencia College Advanced Manufacturing Training Center offers accelerated classes in Welding, CNC, Electronic Board Assembly and Mechatronics. We plan to demonstrate this and show makers their ability to create and become a part of the Manufacturing community.
we will have 9 combat robots weighing from 150 grams (about the weight of a smartphone) up to 220 pounds.
This photo booth will allow participants to pose with various props and take a photo of themselves. Photos will be uploaded to the internet for participants to download and share via social media.
We'll be featuring some of our home built Arduino-Based interactive games for attendees to play.
Display of full size mobile Dalek (at least one) and parts & pieces.
Moonlighter Makerspace has gathered some incredible local Miami Makers to represent the magic city's creativity in Orlando! Aside from the selection of maker's works, Moonlighter will be showcasing various hands-on exhibits that explore science concepts: Featuring a Chladni Plate, 3D Printed Zoetrope Sculptures by John Edmark, A Makey Makey Musical Circuit Exhibit, and 3D Printed Stereographic projections.
Handcrafted :: Modern :: Minimalist Home and Wedding Decor with a Geometric Flare
A small mdeical device that can save thousands of lives at a ridiculously low cost.
At this exhibit, we will demonstrate and talk about the Homebrew Computer, which is a 16-bit TTL computer built primarily from 74-series logic ICs.
Suncatcher is a free standing open air structure creating a stained glass effect activated by daylight, while amplifying the tropical flavors of the pavilion’s location, providing shade and relaxation for visitors from the harshness of the daily sun.
3D animation technology for video games and virtual reality products
We will be erecting a 15' wide by 10' tall archway welcoming makers and attendees, we invite you to help make it pretty!
Boca Bearings converted a standard Power Wheels into a Racing Power Wheels to participate in the Power Racing Series. The Power Racing Series is a series of races where teams race each other with power wheels that they have modified to go much faster than their stock speed. The series also includes an endurance race of 75 minutes. It's a series where people can learn new things and skills and to simply have fun.
Soldering is easy! We'll teach you how!
Florida Polytechnic's robotics group.
A newly formed combat robotics team in the Tampa Bay area exhibiting a 1 lb antweight (Bolt Harvester) and a 3 lb beetleweight (MainYak Jr).
FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) is a K-12 STEM Robotics Program that engages kids in kindergarten through high school in exciting, Mentor-based, research and robotics programs that help them become science and technology leaders, as well as well-rounded contributors to society ready to enter the STEM workforce and change the world.
See how to develop your own Virtual Reality Game using Blender, Unity and HTC Vive!
HyperShock from TV's BattleBots
Our &MakerKids will have on display many of the items they have created during our Integrated Thematic Units that emphasizes project based learning. We'll also Come By. Say Hello. Make Something.
Tampa Hackerspace
Our mission is to inspire youth using 4-H principles along with the tenets of gracious professionalism to explore science and technology through a mentor based program, which develops leadership and life skills while encouraging innovation, creative solutions to engineering and technical challenges.
Hand made arcade enclosure - demonstration of all steps of the manual maker/manufacturing process. Fusion 360 - CAD and CAM Product Development Woodworking, 3D printing, Laser cutting, CNC fabrication and how they all differ making it all come together as a real product. key insights to approach the most complex projects.
Come meet the Witch Doctor and Shaman from BattleBots! The 250lb multi-bot will be showing off its battle scars while Andrea, Mike, and Paul will be available for questions throughout the day.
Handmade steampunk inspired jewelry.
Repurposed Art and Lighting
Explore the world of Star Wars costuming and learn how to make your own Mandalorian armor!
Factur member will demonstrate techniques and tools of welding.
Learn how to control sensors in your e-textile, using a touch screen to modify a Scratch program. Hands-on operation with a hand-puppet.
The mini baja vehicle is the competition vehicle of Georgia Southern
Laser cut sculptures using plywood, perspex, and LED lighting; Inspired by locomotion and vernacular architecture.
We will be demonstrating how a Canon wide format printer, a Graphtec cutter plotter and a laminator can be used create unconventional parts and products using specialty medias designed for applications outside of the usual mainstram applications.
Students from 3D Animation and Simulation will show digital products including virtual reality, games, animation and simulations. Participants will be able to try out virtual reality and see 3D printed models and tools.
Learn the Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math behind movie making. There will be workshops throughout the day where you can learn DIY cinematography and lighting techniques hands on.
Projects by Jeremy S. Cook, including the ClearWalker Jansen mechanism
Quadropuss - Yard Art
Family Combat Robotics team from Jacksonville, Florida.
DIY modular Synthesizers, Bleeps and Bloops, flashing lights and awkward conversation.
The Robotics Association is a student organization at the Daytona Beach campus of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU). RAER is the parent organization of multiple student teams which compete in various competitions around the world.
A small hobby business that makes Steampunk Inspired Leatherware and more. Make leather Costumes, Armor for Larping, Leather Accesories, and also provide classes and some leather repairs.
Take a look inside the guts of elaborate cosplay costumes, not just any costume LARGER THAN LIFE COSTUMES!
I make custom wooden toy swords for children and wooden swords for adult cosplay costumes.
I hacked three normal bikes apart and made a two seat tandem recumbent bike.
The Florida 501st Garrison is the Florida chapter of The 501st Legion, a world wide Star Wars costuming organization. Our members come from all walks of life and from all across the state with one common trait, The Empire!
We offer help with any step of the way from concept through to production. We can illuminate the process and offer tips to success and avoiding common pitfalls.
The Greater Florida LEGO User Group is dedicated to displaying what can be made with LEGO bricks and elements. Our display will show mosaics, sculptures, and other "My Own Creations" demonstrating the creativity you can exhibit with the brick. Our exhibit will also feature the Great Ball Contraption; a mechanical, Rube Goldberg style creation that moves LEGO soccer and basketballs from one module to another. A few LEGO robots will also round off our display.
30 lb Sportsman Class Battle Bot
Low-Tek combat robot team will compete at the Battle of Maker Faire competition.
Too many weekends wasted mowing the lawn, now with a remote control lawnmower, everyone is volunteering to do the work
I will be doing an ongoing demonstration about making leather sandals.
Jaycon Systems is a quick turn prototyping to manufacturing company.
A homemade wooden pipe organ that plays MIDI files. This organ is back with improvements including LEDs indicating the pipes that are speaking. At last year's Orlando Maker Faire this project was awarded a Maker Of Merit ribbon.
Custom built electric camera car
Check out what's new at Orlando's favorite surplus store!
spaceBOUND is a cooperative 2D puzzle platformer in space, in which two astronauts must work together to solve dangerous puzzles while being bound to each other via a tether. Developed here in Orlando, spaceBOUND is a game that is heavily based on physics and was originally created for the Indie Galactic Space Jam, an event held in Orlando every year.
Exhibit with some of my work, a PC, and one or both of my cutters.
The Photo and Stamp exhibit focuses on the artist's ability to capture the beauty in everyday life through mixed media compositions. Each unique piece ranges from matted 3-Dimensional photo cards to jewelry to functional artwork, such as coasters, wine charm rings, and even birdhouses.
Fresh from Jurassic Park, JP29 is screen accurate replica built by a local Jurassic Park fan and movie car aficionado.
I am participating in the Battle at Maker Faire competition.
DaVinci Robotics Academy's STEM Club Students will be showcasing a wide variety of student projects including their JOUST-BOTS where Makers Faire attendees can test their robot driving skills on our ring jousting course. Are you a Jouster? or a Jester? Come see us and test your skill with our Joust-Bots! Additional static displays include Tetrix, EV3, Arduino, LEDs, Special Effects and more.
Bringing a Steampunk modern past time to light at this years Maker Fair, a race of miniature sizes in the name of Tea. Can you cross the finish line in time? Bring your Tea Racer and find out if you have what it takes.
Educator Bringing Combat Robotics to the classroom
Cosplay is an exciting way to put your maker skills to the test! Video games, movies, TV shows and more! Making fun and elaborate costumes is a great way to express your creativity and embody your favorite characters. I want to show you how casting molds using advanced materials can bring your costume game to the next level. This includes the use of CNC machined molds, 3D printed positives, and so much more.
Meet Factur member Roger and learn about wood turning tools and techniques.
Mobile Classroom and Maker/Hacker space
Past and future entries from the Southeast's only kinetic sculpture derby will be on display with their creators available to explain the build process and why they made them.
We will have vinyl decals and stickers. We have a bunch of ready made decals AND we are of course bringing our Klic N Kut so you can pick a design and watch how a decal is cut. We love a challenge so custom designs are very welcome!
You ride on an arcade motorcycle, to control and real life RC car, all from FPV goggles.
Steampunk jewelry and other things
The Patternistic Light-up Electric Dance Suit (P.L.E.D.S.) is a wearable electronic device made for dancing! Arduino controlled, RGB LED strips light up in patterns with colors shifting based on movement. Move your left hand and the colors on the left change, move your right hand and the colors on the right change. Belt mounted buttons change the animation mode or execute a special animation! Devised and worn by my daughter, the PLEDS is ready to bring bright colorful dancing joy to the masses!
Electric Racing Wienermobile!
Find out what is new at NASA/Kennedy Space Center and see the future of Space!
The 220lb combat robot is coming to makerfair Orlando this year! Built of 90% recycled materials the robot features a modular system and a special feature for this event. As a first build I learned a lot and am looking forward to testing in the arena.
Interested in the Internet of Things but not sure where to get started? The Orlando IoT Meetup is for you. We are a community of entrepreneurs, developers, designers, and yes, makers, all with the shared vision that the Internet of Things can help us transform the world around us.
I will be entering a Star Trek Enterprise NCC-1701 themed power racer.
Art and designs based off nature, tiki/poly-pop culture, pop culture, made out of mostly reclaimed wood and materials.
The illustrations and prop painting of YouFoundJacob (Jacob McAlister). Original art with some familiar characters. Tapping into the pop culture icons beloved by millions, with a personal twist.
Everyone has STUFF taking up valuable space in their home. Some is donated to charitable organizations, some is destined to the municipal landfill or garage sale. Foundlings is based on the concept that just about just about anything that can be thrown out can be upcycled into a new purpose.
Past and future entries from the Southeast's only kinetic sculpture derby will be on display with their creators available to explain the build process and why they made them.
We are a Makerspace and will show various projects and tools from the space and its members. We are growing! We have a new, larger space for this year and even more members!
Block clock is a 1-2-3-block pick and place machine that moves blocks around to show the current time.
The N scale model railroad layout covers many scenes from Jacksonville, FL to Folkston, GA.
Instilling the value of lifelong learning to foster a sense of innovation and contribution to a globally competitive, knowledge-based citizenry, Socrates Preparatory School places self-enrichment at the core of our creed: Loyalty, Trust, Honor, & Achievement
We are Gra-V Robotics (FRC 5816) building out of Orange Technical College in Orlando, Florida.
An illusion performance that is performed with "made" props and celebrates the maker culture
We will exhibit materials for leather crafters. Within our exhibit we will hold educational segments and hands-on demonstrations on leather crafting. These demos will include leather bracelet making and making a leather key fob.
You will have the ability to make your own Makey Robot at Maker Faire Orlando.
Making hand braided and beaded wearable fandom art. From necklaces, earrings and headbands to painted glass pieces of art. Also we will have a make your own button table for $1. This includes all the supplies needed to make wearable art, while you wait.
The N scale model railroad layout covers many scenes from Jacksonville, FL to Folkston, GA.
We provide a soundscape with Dynamic Equalization within our exhibit booth. Visitors move from one side to the other, experiencing sound masking like never before. Our table displays other audio engineering prototypes that we have created with grants from the NSF. A large interactive screen introduces you to our company and mission of solving noise pollution. Parseval will award a prize of 1 free Soundscaping and Noise Control design to a guest who follows us on social media.
Handmade Wire Wrapped Recycled Tree of Life jewelry.
Please note that due to the number of individuals, groups, and organizations participating, content is subject to change at any time.