Greater Florida LEGO Users Group, GFLUG

The Greater Florida LEGO® Users Group (GFLUG) was formed in summer of 2000 for the sole purpose of giving Adult Fans of LEGO® (AFoL) a way to express their unique hobby. Over the years we have displayed at numerous model railroad shows, art festivals, Disney conventions and sci-fi conventions as a group. GFLUG does not favor one form of the hobby over any other, giving its membership a wide range of exposure.

The primary goal of the group is camaraderie that is achieved by providing members the opportunity to meet other adults who share a common fascination with the LEGO® hobby through correspondence, meetings and events. We are a family oriented group with member’s spouses and children helping at select events and enjoying the fruits of our building labor.


Greater Florida LEGO User Group

The Greater Florida LEGO User Group is dedicated to displaying what can be made with LEGO bricks and elements. Our display will show mosaics, sculptures, and other "My Own Creations" demonstrating the creativity you can exhibit with the brick. Our exhibit will also feature the Great Ball Contraption; a mechanical, Rube Goldberg style creation that moves LEGO soccer and basketballs from one module to another. A few LEGO robots will also round off our display.

Great Ball Contraption - GBC

Among the Adult Fan of LEGO Conventions and Expositions, a popular theme is the Great Ball Contraption. Think of Rube Goldberg and you have the basic concept down, only the whole this is made with LEGO bricks and elements. Using soccer and basketballs that came in LEGO sets in 2002-2004 time frame the object is to pass these balls from one module to another using any means possible. Come watch the amazing engineering that goes into moving balls from one place to another. There will also be other LEGO creations including robots and engineering displays.